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What We Do

We handle the entire process of fighting traffic tickets for our clients, from filing them with the court to conducting a trial or negotiating a resolution. At the same time, we can take over the matter at any stage. You can contact us if you already have a court date.

When working with you, we:

  • realistically assess your case and the possible outcomes
  • explain the procedure and your position
  • keep you informed of the process
  • offer quality legal services
Our Three Approaches to Fighting Traffic Tickets
1. Procedure
The best approach is the use of various procedural elements.  This means carefully following the dates and being within the time frame of when the trial is set and when the disclosure is provided to see if it’s within the time frame allocated or if the time frame has been exhausted. This and following other such nuances is the easiest and most risk-free way to have you cleared completely of the offence.
2. Trial
A trial is an approach that entails the use of evidence and witness testimony with the ultimate goal to have the charge completely withdrawn or dismissed.  A traffic offence trial requires extensive preparation in terms of gathering and analyzing all the evidence available and summoning independent witnesses if there are any. This preparation is necessary to put doubt in the evidence of the police officer where in most cases the officer is considered very credible.
3. Resolution
Where a trial is not recommended and there are no favorable procedural nuances, we obtain alternative resolutions in your favour such as:
  • Reduce the severity of the offence
  • Reduce the number of demerit points
  • Reduce the fine by as much money as possible


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Our Goals

We promise that when you contact us, we will give you the best and worst case scenario. In most offences, the best case scenario is generally the complete removal of the offence from your record. The worst case scenario is, generally:

  • The removal or significant reduction of demerit points
  • Reduction of the severity of the charge
  • Most often, a fine reduction

Please contact us to discuss your specific circumstances. The predicted outcome of the charge depends on your specific situation, our analysis of disclosure, and other factors.



Related Services

We offer several services related to traffic offences:

Traffic Ticket Re-openings: This is the process that must be followed when you missed a trial date and a conviction was entered against you automatically.

Traffic Ticket Appeals: We can represent you in an appeal from a traffic ticket conviction if the ticket cannot be reopened. Contact us to discuss specific reasons you may have for an appeal.

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