Human Rights

Why Do This?

If you are the applicant:

The Ontario Human Rights Code, Canadian Human Rights ACT, AND The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, all give us our rights. However, if you do not stand up for your human rights, then it is as if you do not really have any; you are giving the world permission to rob you of your human rights.  It is extremely important that you uphold your human rights and not let the world deny you of them!

If you are the respondent:

If you did nothing wrong, then by not defending yourself, you are allowing the applicant to accuse you wrongly.  This could cost you money, your sanity, and in rare cases, your freedom.

Pros & Cons

Like everything else in our lives, going to court has pros and cons.  The pros and cons of going to the Human Rights Board are as follows. (There are different Human Rights Boards for different kinds of issues.


1-You have the chance to fight for your rights.
2-You have the chance to win rewards for your rights.
1-You may not get what you are asking for in front of the Board, in which case you will lose money.
2-Your opposing party may win in front of the Board, in which case the Board obligates you to pay.
Let “Someone You Can Trust” advocate for you and resolve your Human Rights issues.
Being a Paralegal is not only my profession; it is my way of life.  I speak from my heart, and, ‘what comes from the heart goes to the heart’.  Let me help you establish or defend your human rights!  If you or someone you know needs their human rights advocated for, I will help establish your/their rights

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