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How much will your services cost me?

Each matter is unique. The more complicated, the more time that will be needed to assess your case, prepare your documentation and properly represent you. Flat and hourly rates are available. An action can often settle before trial, which will lessen the legal costs. It’s not possible to predict accurately how much a court action will cost.

How long from start to finish?

The average Small Claims Court action, from the time that the claim is filed with the Court until the trial date is set varies. On average it’s 8-12 months.

Will I have to attend Court if I hire you as my legal representative?

You are required to attend at the Settlement Conference and at the Trial. We will attend with you as your legal representative and address the Court.

Do you guarantee you will win my case?

We do not guarantee the outcome of any court matter. Nobody can do this. There are many variables that are outside the control of the Paralegal that can impact on the outcome. We do commit to working with you to obtain the best possible result we can.

How are the fees paid and calculated?

Our fees are based on an hourly rate plus any disbursements that have been incurred on your behalf such as: Drafting Documents, Pleadings, Court Filing Fees, Process Server fees, Travel and Parking to the courts, Corporate Searches, etc.

How does Paralegal differ from a lawyer?

Paralegals are not necessarily graduates of Law School and are restricted to practising in fields such as: Small Claims Court, Traffic Offences, Provincial Offences, Social Benefits, Landlord Tenant matters, WSIB Claims, Employment Law and various other Boards and Tribunals. Paralegals are generally less expensive than Lawyers.

What should I consider when I hire a paralegal?

Is the Paralegal licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada? Verify the Paralegal is practicing in the field in which you need help.

Why should I hire a Paralegal instead of representing myself?

Paralegals are experienced in the field in which they practice. This experience will enable them to present your case in the most effective way for success.

Will I have to pay up front?

You will be required to enter into a Retainer Agreement and pay a Retainer Fee. You will be invoiced for our services as we proceed and those amounts will be deducted from your retainer fee. If required, you will be asked for further retainer fees as determined by how much work is remaining. Billing is done in a timely manner so you will always know the amount you have been charged.

How long have they been practicing and where?

If a Paralegal has been practicing in the same City or Town for a number of years, it suggests stability.

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