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Everett Russell, a Senior Licensed Paralegal with years of experience who has been, and continues to meet the legal needs of clients and businesses. Mr. Russell and his team work with consumer and commercial clients across the GTA and surrounding regions.

Russell Legal Services focuses strictly on civil litigation matters that fall within the $25,000 limit of the Ontario Small Claims Court.  By focusing exclusively on Small Claims Court related matters we are able to retain and continually enhance our expertise in civil litigation.  Our flat-fee pricing helps keep your legal fees feasible and foreseeable.

How to prepare a settlement agreement?

If you make an offer to settle it should be in writing and should include the date, what you are offering, how long the offer will be open for, and your signature. Always keep a copy of any offer you make or receive. If you want to accept an offer made by the other party, you should do so in writing and you should keep a copy of the signed offer. Any final agreement to settle a lawsuit should be in writing and signed by everyone involved.

Consequences if an offer to settle is turned down?

If the plaintiff makes an offer at least seven days before the trial, and the defendant rejects it, but the judge awards the plaintiff an amount that is as good as or better than the plaintiff’s offer, the defendant may have to pay two times the plaintiff’s costs of the lawsuit. If the situation is reversed, and a plaintiff does not accept a reasonable offer to settle, the plaintiff may have to pay two times the defendant’s costs.

Premier Paralegal

We “Fight Every Ticket” for you. Don’t let traffic violations ruin your insurance rating and drivers abstract for years. Let “Someone You Can Trust” advocate for you and resolve your issue. Licensed Paralegal Specializing in Traffic Tickets

Plaintiff’s Claim, Statement of Defence, Defendants Claim, Garnishments, Writ of Seizure/Sale of Land, Enforcement of Judgment

Let “Someone You Can Trust” advocate for you and resolve your issue.Licensed Paralegal Specializing in Landlord/Tenant Disputes. Representation at, Settlement Conferences, Motions, Assessment Hearings, and Trial

Do you need your termination documents reviewed for a larger settlement? Are you a business that needs an employment contract? Let “Someone You Can Trust” advocate for you and resolve your issue. Licensed Paralegal Specializing in Employment Law / Wrongful Dismissal

Let “Someone You Can Trust” advocate for you and resolve your issue. Licensed Paralegal Specializing in Human Rights

Licensed Paralegal Specializing in: Small Claims, Landlord/Tenant, Employment Law / Wrongful Dismissal, Traffic Tickets, and Human Rights

Senior Licensed Paralegal

“I’ve known Everett for a number of years and can attest that he knows his employment law.  He is extremely thorough and accurate and I’ve never seen anyone more organized and efficient”.


Lynn Sandgren | Markham, ON

“Mr. Russell is an extremely capable and thorough paralegal, who consistently produces top quality work. He provides reliable work at a cost affordable to the clients”.

Hamilton Teacher

C. Smith | Hamilton, ON

“Everett Russell has represented our company twice in Small Claims Court and was successful each time”.


Tony Nimmo | Brampton, ON

“Everett Russell is an extremely bright and capable paralegal. He maintains very high standards and is a real go getter. He can always be counted on to go above and beyond. His performance will be no less than exemplary”.

 Managing Partner

Richard Rubin | Vaughan, ON

” I’ve used Russell Legal Services for several years and have referred numerous clients to his firm. He has always taken good care of my clients and we will continue sending them his way. He’s an incredible Paralegal  and has been instrumental in resolving issues through mediation.”


Thomas Cagle | Mississauga, ON

Before Trial

After both the Plaintiff’s Claim and the Defence have been served and filed, the case will go to a judge to review. The Judge can order that a pre-trial conference be held before a lawsuit goes to trial. At a pre-trial conference, the Plaintiff and the Defendant meet with each other in front of a judge. There are several reasons to hold a pre-trial conference, such as; to resolve or simplify the issues in the lawsuit, to speed up the lawsuit, to help reach a settlement instead of going to trial, to prepare each side if there is going to be a trial, and to make sure that everyone in the lawsuit knows all the important facts and evidence.

After Trial

If you attend a pre-trial conference you should be prepared to talk about the lawsuit, and bring all the important information and documents available. If you are not prepared when you attend the conference, or if you do not show up at all, the Judge may order you to pay the other side their expenses for having to come to the pre-trial conference. If a person does not show up at the pre-trial conference, the Judge may also strike out that person’s Claim or Defence and give judgment for the other side. So it is very important to show up, or to notify the other side and the court if an emergency prevents you from attending.

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